The week of Dec 5th, both the Gardner and Webster Hospice Teams celebrated their services of Remembrance.    Both services brought staff and families together to celebrate in the remembrance of those who passed over the past year.  These services were nicely attended bringing families and staff together to reminisce about those who Care Central served with in the Hospice program.


Staff in attendance were CEO/President: Holly Chaffee, Medical Directors:  Dr John Harrington, Dr David Wilner, Hospice Director: Kelly Loescher, Nursing Supervisor(s):  Claudia Marsh, Tarah Traina, Staff nurses: Stefanie O’Clair, Samantha Humphrey, Joi Keddy, Michele Bowles, Bryan McGinn, Diane Vega, Ron Bruegger, Taylor Laperle, Volunteer Coordinator: Dawn Lielasus, Social Worker: Tara Gill, Social Worker and Bereavement: Coordinator Kersti Hopkins,  Chaplain(s):  Timothy Crellin, Peter Motyka, Administrative support: Wendy Morrison.