April 13, 2023. The Wachusett Area Chamber of Commerce held its Economic Forecast Breakfast at the Great Wolf Lodge Thursday morning, 4/13/23. The event was sponsored by Fidelity Bank and was hosted by Ed Manzi, Chairman & CEO of Fidelity and member of Care Central VNA & Hospice, Inc.’s Board of Directors. Presenters were Yvonne Hoo, Secretary of Development for the State of Massachusetts, Mark Melnick, Ph.D., Director of Economic and Public Policy Research, UMASS Donahue Institute, and Joseph Silva, Chief Lending Officer of Fidelity Bank. Representing Care Central VNA & Hospice, Inc. were Holly Chaffee, MSN, BSN, RN, President & CEO and Ricardo Muchiutti, Compliance & Quality Officer.

Pictured are: Mina Chebbani, Vice President, Business Development Officer Fidelity Bank, Ricardo Muchiutti, Zach Lavoie, Small Business Portfolio Manager Fidelity Bank and Holly Chaffee.

Pictured are: Holly Chaffee and Heywood Wakefield Commons Executive Director, Tom McMullen.

Pictured are: Holly Chaffee, Ricardo Muchiutti, Ed Manzi and Mark Melnick.